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my best-loved hiking trail in Kandy, Sri Lanka

I’ve always with itchy feet for lots of adventure travel but some safe outings.

Imagine if you are walking through a green and yellow rice fields by seeing village life, visiting & swimming in natural waterfalls and pools, learning about amazing and endemic flora & fauna?

I’m pretty sure that this will be a lifetime experience beyond the busy urban concrete jungles.

The knuckles mountain range is my favorite place to walk and also, I working as a tourist guide for few years with my related studies about tourism to show the best of Sri Lanka for visitors all around the world. It’s a kind of job to fulfill my pleasure.

my first knuckles tour

my first knuckles tour

Knuckles Mountain Range

Knuckles Mountain Range

The Knuckles Mountain Range a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sri Lanka consists of 9 main mountain ranges and around 40 supporting mountain peaks which gives magnificent scenic views.

“Dumbara Mitiyawatha ” which means” The Misty Valley” is The Sri Lankan name for this mountain range and later it is named “Knuckles Range” by the British.

The entire Valley and the mountain area are around 21,000 hectares (155 Sq. KM) in extent and the peak is around 1900 M above Sea level. It is rich with varieties of flora, fauna, endemic species, and above 17 varieties of birds.

Why we trek in the Knuckles Mountain Range?

I love this marvelous magical trail in the Knuckles Mountain Range that we call knuckles smooth Medium trekking tour also called Heel-Oya trek very much because of the viewpoints, plateaus with various landscapes, village life with hard-working tea pickers & rice farmers.

There are plenty of Kandyan home gardens, naturally growing spices, fruits, and vegetables, natural waterfalls for pictures & swimming.

Pigmy forests are worth visiting.

It is also an opportunity for bird watching, the sunrise, meeting up & interacting with villagers, and also encounter species such as Deer, Wild Bows, Barking deer, Deer monkey, and various types of Lizards.

Knuckles Smooth Medium Trekking Tour

rice fields in knuckles tour

About the tour

This tour starts from Kandy (120 KM away from Colombo Bandaranayake International Airport) and also we arrange the pick up from the hotels around Kandy for the travelers and their convenience.

Pick up at in the morning and drive to the trekking starting point called Heeloya village at Theldeniya. It takes 1 ½ Hour to get there.

What we can see along the way?

The drive to the starting point is beautiful itself. We pass many towns close to Kandy and small village towns away from the city, towards the south.

Sri Lanka’s longest river is on the way called river Mahaweli (335 km long) “The Great Sandy River”, Lime production at Digana town & Queen Victoriya Lake Reservoir in the Mahaweli river valley-one of the main reservoir in Sri Lanka to generate Electricity.

Black Tea with hot and fresh Roti, Samosa? Why Not

Before starts the trek, we take a short break at the last town to have nice and Fresh snacks with Tea. They make roti, samosa with vegetables, boiled egg, fish & wade (deep-fried Dhal & Chili) at the same place.

local snacks sri lanka


Then after a few Minuit drive, we start walking through the village towards the main temple and to see the large terraced rice fields along the way.

We walk for 5-6 hours on this tour including resting at viewpoints as necessary, to have chat with the villagers and picnic lunch & stunning pictures at the waterfall along the way.

Knuckles waterfalls & Natural Pool

After having a nice hike (650 m – 900 m Sea Level), we rest near an amazing waterfall which is with a natural pool for swimming to have a fresh bath and It’s the best time for lunch. Then we cross this waterfall to visit a tea picker village.

Black Tea

Black tea cultivation, picking & selling has shaped the Sri Lankan’s lives since 1867.

Tea bushes are growing on mountain slopes and the tea pickers own barracks-style houses on the same plantation where they work.

Tea buds are picked by hand every 7-10 days from the same plantation before the leaves go too high and useless. Tea grows all around the year. So, they have to change the locations around the huge tea plantations in the Knuckle’s hills. It’s a hard-working job to deal with the mountains all day to earn and survive.

Most tea pickers are ethnically Indian Tamils who were transported by the British people to work on their tea plantations.

They always with a friendly smile whenever we pass through their houses also with a warm welcome from the kids too.

tea pickers in sri lanka

Soon after, we trek through a fine forest to a huge rock plateau which is with an amazing view of the area.

Then after we reach another tea picker village close to the main road from Rangala where the Knuckles last town is situated to finish this amazing day out from Kandy.

Explore Knuckles


Knuckles Smooth Medium Trek is an amazing trek in the Knuckles Mountain Range with amazing landscapes, waterfalls, endemic flora & fauna.

The journey is approximately 5-6 Hour smooth flat walking, steps & adventure around 12 KM one-way point A to point B.

The Important thing about this trek is this trek can be customized depending on your fitness level, required adventure level

This magical trek is suitable for anyone who likes to experience the village life, nature, culture, adventure & beauty of Sri Lanka.

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